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Authenticity in Parenting: A Healing Journey Post-Narcissistic Abuse

Welcome to an enlightening episode of “Positive Parenting with Astrology,” where we embark on a transformative exploration of authenticity coaching with the remarkable Tiffany Ghrist. As your host, Maria Rieger guides us through this profound conversation, we’ll unravel the impact of narcissistic abuse and unveil the empowering journey of self-acceptance and healing.


Our journey commences with an introduction to Tiffany Ghrist, a seasoned authenticity coach. Tiffany possesses a unique expertise: helping individuals who have endured narcissistic abuse rediscover their authentic selves and rekindle trust in their intuition. In this chapter, Maria sets the stage for an in-depth exploration of Tiffany’s journey and the strategies she employs to empower her clients on their path to authenticity.

Tiffany’s Journey to Becoming an Authenticity Coach

In this chapter, we delve into Tiffany’s personal odyssey, discovering the pivotal experiences that led her to become an authenticity coach. Tiffany’s upbringing, characterized by a narcissistic mother, molded her into the family’s peacekeeper and people pleaser. Her story stands as a testament to the resilience and capacity for transformation inherent in the human spirit.

Hallmarks of Children with Toxic Backgrounds

Here, Maria and Tiffany shed light on the lasting impacts of a toxic childhood. We explore the struggles faced by individuals who have weathered narcissistic abuse, including the perpetual need to defend themselves and the compulsion to overly explain their decisions.

Embracing Authenticity and Personal Transformation

Tiffany shares her own journey of personal transformation in this chapter. Her story underscores the importance of embracing authenticity and making decisions rooted in personal desires and needs, rather than succumbing to external pressures and societal expectations.

Starting the Process of Reclaiming Authenticity

In this chapter, we discuss the initial steps that clients can take to embark on their journey of authenticity reclamation. Tiffany introduces the fascinating concept of using astrology and birth chart readings as tools to help individuals understand their unique energy expression and align with their true selves.

Self-Reflection and Understanding Past Experiences

Self-reflection and understanding one’s past experiences are pivotal aspects of the journey toward authenticity. Tiffany emphasizes the significance of unpacking one’s personal story and identifying recurring patterns as crucial steps in this transformative process.

Embracing Personal Responsibility and Mindset Shifts

In this segment, Tiffany delves into the concept of personal responsibility and the importance of cultivating a new mindset. Clients are encouraged to recognize their autonomy and regain control over their lives, empowering them to respond effectively to life’s challenges.

Identifying Core Values and Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Tiffany guides clients in identifying their core values and shedding beliefs that hinder personal growth. This chapter emphasizes the significance of monitoring one’s thoughts and expectations while releasing external narratives that no longer serve a purpose.

Taking Action and Implementing Change

This part is a practical guide to implementing change and living authentically. Tiffany shares actionable steps, advising clients to create lists of activities and expectations while reminding them to reflect and process before taking impulsive action.

The Importance of Authenticity in the Healing Journey

The profound importance of authenticity in the healing process is highlighted in this chapter. Maria engages Tiffany in a discussion about the significance of authenticity, offering additional insights to those who are just embarking on their journey.

Closing Remarks and Contact Information

As the episode draws to a close, Maria extends her gratitude to Tiffany for her invaluable insights. Tiffany generously shares her contact information, providing viewers with the means to connect and explore her transformative services. The episode concludes with a discussion of Tiffany’s website and the availability of one-on-one sessions.


Tiffany Ghrist’s remarkable journey from a childhood marked by narcissistic abuse to becoming an authenticity coach serves as an inspiring testament to the resilience and potential for self-discovery within us all. This episode of “Positive Parenting with Astrology” offers a beacon of hope to those seeking to reclaim their authenticity, heal from past wounds, and embrace a life infused with self-love and genuine connections.

In conclusion, we echo Tiffany’s message of self-compassion and the importance of recognizing those “AHA moments” in our lives. Reclaiming authenticity is a transformative journey well worth undertaking. With Tiffany’s compassionate guidance, it becomes a path brimming with empowerment and self-realization. To connect with Tiffany and explore her transformative services further, visit her website at or reach out to her on Facebook. Always remember, that your past experiences do not define you, and your pursuit of happiness is undeniably worthwhile.

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