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About Me

Hey Y'all! I'm Tiffany! I'm an Alignment and Authenticity Coach for beautiful souls who have experienced the traumas of Narcissistic and Toxic behaviors.

Welcome to a journey of profound transformation and self-discovery. Are you seeking to break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse and reclaim the essence of who you truly are? If so, you've come to the right place. I've been where you are. As a survivor of narcissistic relationships within my own family and past, I intimately understand the pain, confusion, and challenges you face. Since 2018, I've dedicated myself to guiding individuals like you through the process of healing, rediscovery, and empowerment

I am addicted to helping people organize the chaos that is either swirling around in their head - on paper, receipts, napkins, digital notes, scratch paper and everywhere in between.


How? Well - read on, my beautiful tigresses and find out for yourself!

Girl - Let me tell you. I I've been through some shiiiiit in my life and guess what? It was continuous and reoccurring hell but it made me who I am today! SO - why am I telling you this? Well, first - I bet you have not always had it easy, huh? You're not alone. We can have some coffee, or wine or do a shot and talk about it one day!

For years and YEARS, I had to reinvent myself, evaluate my life - in all ways and start over - and over and over. All kinds of reasons. But here is where I developed my addiction....... Helping others - fixing issues - reinventing - and starting businesses. Period.


I'll admit it -  after decades of drama and trauma, it took a LONG time for me to finally figure out who the hell I was and learn how to be unapologetically me, once I did. It took a LONG time to figure out why the heck I was still around, what my purpose was and how to take control of my life again - despite things that had taken place in the past. For real, liking me was not easy.

My Journey:

My personal journey from victim to survivor has ignited a burning passion within me to help others break free from the grip of narcissistic abuse. I've walked the path of healing and transformation myself, and that unique experience allows me to provide empathetic and insightful coaching. By combining my professional expertise with my lived experience, I offer a holistic and effective approach to healing.

Unveiling Your Authentic Self:

Narcissistic abuse can leave deep scars on your sense of self-worth and identity. But within you lies an authentic self, resilient and powerful, waiting to be rediscovered. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey to peel away the layers of conditioning, negativity, and self-doubt that have accumulated over the years. Through tailored coaching techniques, introspection, and guided self-discovery exercises, I will empower you to reconnect with your true essence.

Standing in Your Power:

Reclaiming your authentic self is only the beginning. Armed with newfound self-awareness and strength, you'll learn to stand firmly in your power. I will equip you with practical tools, strategies, and mindset shifts that enable you to set healthy boundaries, cultivate self-compassion, and nurture your emotional well-being. As you gradually shed the remnants of the past, you'll step confidently into a future defined by your choices, passions, and dreams.

My Commitment:

My commitment to your healing and growth is unwavering. I'm not just a coach; I'm your ally, guiding you through the challenges and celebrating every triumph. Your journey is unique, and I tailor my coaching to your specific needs, ensuring a safe and supportive environment where you can heal, grow, and thrive.

Together, Let's Rewrite Your Story:

The narrative of narcissistic abuse can be rewritten. You have the power to transform your pain into resilience, your confusion into clarity, and your scars into strength. I'm here to help you rewrite your story, to inspire change, foster growth, and ignite possibilities. It's time to reclaim your life and align with your authentic self. Are you ready to take that step? Reach out, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.


I am ready to lend an empathetic ear and offer valuable guidance along life's winding journey.

Guiding You Towards Fulfillment and Self-Love!

Life's journey can lead us through challenging terrain, where toxic experiences may have dimmed our inner light. I am here, dedicated to guiding you towards a future where your authenticity shines, and empowerment takes center stage. 

I understand the struggle of emerging from the shadows of toxic relationships, where self-worth was questioned and sanity tested. But your past is not your identity.

Together, we embark on a path of healing and growth. Through coaching, discover the tools to release the weight of your toxic past, unveiling your true self. This journey leads to self-love, inner peace, and unshakeable confidence.

Imagine a life where the chains of the past are shattered, where decisions stem from empowerment, and your future aligns with authenticity. This is the future I'm committed to helping you create.

Within a safe space for transformation, we'll employ solution-focused approaches and empowering strategies. Let's rewrite your narrative, replacing doubt with self-assurance and pain with resilience.

🌸 Guiding from toxic pasts to aligned futures.

🌟 Embracing self-love, peace & confidence.

🔥 Reclaiming power and authenticity.

Together, we unlock authenticity, rising, healing, and weaving a future that radiates your inner brilliance.

As a dedicated life coach, my passion lies in helping you reach your potential and realize dreams. With a background spanning corporate America, entrepreneurship, and personal triumph over traumas, I offer a unique blend of professional expertise and lived experience to guide you towards a purposeful life.

Leveraging this extensive experience, I provide insights and strategies that empower you in personal and professional endeavors. Whether navigating career shifts, fostering personal growth, or surmounting obstacles, I'm by your side.

My empathy and genuine desire to help make me a trusted confidante. In open conversations, share dreams, fears, and aspirations. Together, we peel back layers, heal wounds, and blueprint joy.

Having triumphed over adversity, I understand the struggle to rise. I believe in transforming pain into strength and stand with you as you rediscover happiness and inner peace.

As a resilient single mom overcoming narcissistic relationships and personal tragedies, I grasp life's ups and downs.

Listening is my superpower—I genuinely care and offer a safe space. I've been through it all, differentiating between understanding and truly relating.

With passion for growth, intuition, and healing, I guide you towards self-discovery and peace. Whether balancing personal life, navigating business, or crafting processes, count on me.

Seeking purpose, conquering beliefs, or starting anew? Look no further! I'm your compassionate guide, uncovering your path, igniting passions, and aligning with authenticity.

Together, we explore dreams, desires, and potential. We'll shatter self-doubt, unveiling newfound confidence and self-worth.

Challenges can shatter, but I help assemble a mosaic of resilience. Embrace experiences, learn, and heal. Every ending births a potent new beginning.

Self-love is a cornerstone of growth and happiness. Nurture self-care, self-compassion, and inner beauty. Embrace uniqueness and let self-love guide.

It's an honor to join your journey towards love, fulfillment, and joy. Shine bright, thriving in authenticity. Embark on this empowering journey now!

Let's connect and transform together. Drop me a message—explore the possibilities! 💌

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