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Experience Consulting


Elevate your spa and wellness business by enlisting my commitment to delivering exceptional services. Through a blend of expertise and tailored solutions, I specialize in enhancing both client experiences and employee satisfaction. My services include a comprehensive Experience Assessment, offering a thorough analysis that pinpoints pain points and identifies improvement opportunities. Additionally, the Experience Design service involves collaborative efforts to develop personalized experiences in alignment with your unique brand identity. I conduct unbiased evaluations, delivering anonymous assessments covering aspects such as customer service, cleanliness, ambiance, and operational standards. The result is a detailed report that not only highlights your strengths but also provides insights into areas that may need improvement.

Taking into account factors such as your business profile, service quality, maintenance standards, customer service and sales processes, visual presentation, product quality, payment procedures, post-service follow-up, location notes, and even considering client experiences beyond my assessment, I offer a holistic approach to enhancing your spa and wellness venture. For a tailored consultation that delves into your specific needs, please feel free to contact me. Together, we can craft an elevated and memorable spa experience for your clients, fostering a thriving environment for your business.

Our Services



Introducing our Essential Package, an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for regular insights and immediate issue resolution. This package includes monthly Experience Evaluation visits, providing real-time feedback on identified areas for improvement. Businesses can expect improved performance and proactive measures to maintain high customer satisfaction.

  • Thorough Experience Evaluation evaluations each month

  • Real-time feedback on identified areas

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Tailored to businesses seeking an all-encompassing experience

  • Proactive measures to enhance overall customer satisfaction

  • Targeted improvements based on frequent evaluations



For a more comprehensive evaluation with targeted improvements, our Standard Package is the perfect fit. This package offers quarterly in-depth Experience Evaluation evaluations, comprehensive reports, customized training sessions, and follow-up evaluations to track progress. Businesses opting for the Standard Package can anticipate strategic enhancements, targeted training, and sustained progress through regular check-ins.

  • All Features included in the Basic Package 

  • Quarterly in-depth Experience Evaluations

  • Comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations

  • Follow-up evaluations to track progress




For those committed to long-term excellence and industry leadership, we present our Premium Package. This package includes yearly holistic assessments, continuous support, unlimited access to specialized industry insights, and priority scheduling for Experience Evaluation visits. Businesses choosing the Premium Package will benefit from holistic yearly assessments, proactive support, and customized reports for industry competitiveness.

  • All features included in the Standard Package Plus:

  • Yearly holistic assessments covering all aspects

  • Continuous support

  • Priority scheduling for Experience Evaluation visits

  • Exclusive access to new features and tools

  • Unmatched support for continuous improvement

  • Intensive analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Strategic planning for the upcoming quarter


Comprehensive Package

Our most exclusive offering, the Comprehensive Package, is tailored for businesses seeking an all-encompassing experience. This package includes additional quarterly in-depth Experience Evaluation evaluations, exclusive access to new features and tools, priority customer support, and dedicated account management. Businesses can expect ongoing improvement, unmatched support, and tailored strategic planning sessions for unparalleled success.

  • All features included in the Premium Package Plus: 

  • Monthly Coaching sessions

  • Customized quarterly, employee training modules for identified areas

  • Customized quarterly strategic planning sessions

Refine.  Empower. Innovate.

Monthly Experience Booster

This booster package offers weekly Experience Evaluation visits, providing real-time feedback and actionable insights for continuous improvement. Benefit from comprehensive reports, continuous support, and priority scheduling for Experience Evaluation visits, ensuring prompt attention to your business needs. Enjoy the advantage of a dedicated account manager for personalized assistance. Plus, unlock the potential of two customized strategic planning sessions every month, strategically shaping your business for sustained success. Invest in excellence with our Monthly Experience Booster for unparalleled growth and refinement. Can only be added to any package above. 

One Time Experience Evaluation

Want to try it out or just need a reset? Our Brief Experience Evaluation Visit includes a thorough evaluation of key customer touchpoints and interactions, coupled with real-time feedback to identify areas for improvement. The process unfolds with a summary report highlighting high-level findings and immediate enhancement opportunities. The package includes a few strategic recommendations tailored to your business, offering actionable steps for quick wins and improvements. Moreover, benefit from a brief consultation session to discuss the evaluation, review key findings, and address any immediate questions. Unlock the potential for significant improvement with our One-Time Evaluation, a strategic investment for lasting success.


15% discount: Clients committing to a two-year subscription

10% discount: Enroll in a future subscription within 90 days

Packaged Rates for clients doing both Experience Consulting and Business Coaching 

Customization Options

Flexible Payment Plans

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