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Business Coaching By Human Design

Did you know that based on its conception, your business has its OWN Human Design? This package focuses on YOU, the business owner, AND your business's design. For your business to work for you, you need to make sure it is happy too! Combine your 2 designs and watch the magic happen!

The Human Design System is your life's user manual, minus the confusing assembly instructions. Applying it to your business helps you discover the best way to sell, create unique offers, and manage your energy effectively. While the initial view of your HD body graph may seem overwhelming, focusing on your type and inner authority simplifies understanding. In the diverse online business world, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Use your Human Design filters to customize any course or strategy, turning it into a DIY project for building a successful business. Get your HD body graph now and unveil what makes you one-of-a-kind – who knows, you might even discover a few surprises along the way!

Business - Elite

Align By Design

Duration: 12 Months (24 Bi-Weekly Sessions)

  • Your Profile In Business

  • Branding

  • What sets you apart

  • Purpose & Mission 

  • Messaging

  • Your Zone of Genius 

  • Culture & Ideal Group Size

  • Potential Business Models Based on Your Energetics

  • Personal or Brand Type of Business

  • To Niche or Not & Setting Yourself Apart & Becoming a Micro Celebrity

  • Energetic Content Pillars & Leveraging Your Energetics

  • Why does your audience buy from you

  • Energetic Offers a Creation Process for Content & Coaching

  • Potential Profit & Energetic Impact Areas

  • Energetic Marketing & Energetic Copy Writing & Writing to Your Aura

  • Business Charts Overview

  • Branding

  • Leveraging Your Business Design What Sets Me Apart

  • Purpose & Mission 

  • Messaging

  • Your Zone of Genius 

  • Culture & Ideal Group Size

  • Your Business & Personal Connection Chart

  • Understanding and Leveraging Your Offer's Energetics


Investment: $6,666

(Payment Plan Available)

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